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I just wanted to quickly share with you a letter I received last night.

Hey Prof Paul

I’m just writing this email to thank you for developing this course,
i’m Brazilian and next year i’m going to Sweden on an exchange, probably in
august. I just finished listening to the mp3 on the Week 3 (from your Find
Your Flow course) and i can see it will help me a lot, maybe i’ll even
arrive and won’t have to use English at all, we’ll see =D

Vi hörs,

Hello V!

Thanks for the letter :) I’m glad the course is helping you. I agree, if
you put the time into the course, you will not need to use English when you
get to Sweden 11 months from now. The hardest part is just resisting the
urge to speak English. Your Swedish might be a little slow in the beginning
but don’t be embarrassed. You are going to want to increase your talking
speed as much as possible before then in order to gain confidence.

Just practice talking as much as you can now in Swedish and record your
voice on the computer and then listen back to it. This will make you faster
whilst speaking your new language. Do this everyday for a year and you will
certainly be speaking Swedish at a native speed by the time you get to
Sweden. Keep listening to the MP3s provided in the course and your ear will
also be up to speed!

Tack och Lycka till

Prof Paul

Recording your own voice speaking Swedish is a great way to increase your
fluency and speed in the language. It’s not enough however to just read
swedish books aloud. Why? Because nobody talks like a book. The amazing
thing about the “Find Your Flow” course
at is that it provides you with long natural
spontaneous conversations on MP3 along with a complete transcription and
english translation. I’ve never seen that in any other language course, but
it increases the rate of learning exponentially.

Reading THESE transcripts (provided with my
“Find Your Flow”course) or acting them out with a partner is the only
legitimate way to increase your talking speed and comprehension of REAL
Swedish. In the end this is what gets your fluent. Try out the “Find
Your Flow” course now. The first two weeks are only ONE DOLLAR and after
that, it’s only a dollar a day.
Lycka till and keep learning!

Prof Paul

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