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With The “Lucky 13″ Super Swedish Start-Up Kit

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  • Over 8 Hours of Video Lessons
  • Over 4 Hours of Spontaneous Swedish Conversations On MP3 with Full (Swedish) Transcripts and (English) Translations
  • Nearly 40 E-books in PDF format (almost 600 pages combined)

13 Weeks Of Superior Swedish Lessons That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else Guaranteed!

Learn how to…

  • Switch On The “Swedish Operating System” In Your Brain
  • Improvise Complex Swedish Sentences From the Very First Day
  • Turn 1000’s or English Words into Swedish Words
  • Predict How To Say Things In Swedish That You Haven’t Learned Yet (and be right most of the time)
  • Pronounce Vowels, Consonants, and Tonality Like A Swede
  • Use All The Frequent and Important Little Words That Texts Books Don’t Teach You
  • Understand The Differences Between Proper Swedish and Everyday Swedish
  • Practice Speaking Swedish Without Moving To Sweden
  • Turn English Grammar Into Swedish Grammar Without Even Thinking About It
  • Build A Swedish Vocabulary Without Memorization
  • Understand Swedes When They Speak Fast
  • Use and Understand Frequent and Common Swedish Slang
  • And MUCH MUCH More!!!

Just Look At How Much Material You Get To Download Instantly Upon Purchase Of “Lucky 13″!

3 Brand New Bonuses!

  • Virtual Tutor Volumes 1+2
  • Wikipedia Walk Through (Volume 1)
  • Expert Pronunciation Course (Volume 1)

UPDATE! (Feb 7th 2014)

Our personalized 6 month courses are completely booked up for the moment. If you would like to get on the waiting list, please contact Freja at

The price is $1297 and you will be asked to fill out a brief application.

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Listening To REAL Swedes Having Spontaneous Conversation Is The Key To Learning Swedish

Let’s face it, you can find Swedes conversing everywhere on the internet, but where is the beginner gonna find FULL TRANSCRIPTIONS and TRANSLATIONS of those conversations?

“Lucky 13″ is the ONLY Swedish Language Learning Program in The World That Offers This!

Believe me, I know. I looked EVERYWHERE when I was trying to learn Swedish.

Not only that, but most of what Swedes say to each other needs to be INTERPRETED properly if a native English speaker is going to be able to follow along.

It took me 1000+ hours to put this program together so that others can learn what I learned without having to struggle like I did. Let’s not forget all the time that it took me to finally learn how to teach myself Swedish.

No matter how much I charge for this program, I will never make enough money back to compensate for the amount of time that I have put in.

Learning Swedish does not have to be difficult or mysterious at all!

If English is your native tongue, then you already know the majority of the Swedish language. Just ask any linguist and they will tell you that Swedish is without a doubt the easiest foreign language in the world for a native English speaker to learn.

The only languages that even come close are Norwegian and Danish, however most foreigners who find Danish easy to read, find it almost impossible to understand or pronounce. Norwegian is also easy to read, however Norwegian isn’t just one language. The language comes in more than one official form and even has dialects that are so different from one another that even native Norwegians have trouble understanding each other if they come from two completely different parts of the country.

The point is this...Swedish is EASY to Learn!!!


In order to talk like a Swede you need to learn how to THINK like a Swede!

The reason why so few people learn it is because nobody knows how to teach it. A native Swede has no clue how to teach Swedish because they never had to learn it as a native English speaker.

I was born and raised in America. I came to Sweden as an immigrant a few years ago and since then have obtained full Swedish citizenship. I know what it means to become Swedish in every sense of the word.

I did not have Swedish parents and never spoke Swedish until I decided to move to Sweden and start learning it on my own.

Just before I came to Sweden I literally bought (or borrowed from the library) every single program I could find about learning Swedish. I devoured it all. I was obsessed. I finished every single program in record time and could pass all the “advanced” tests they gave.

But you know what?

I still struggled to read a Wikipedia page in Swedish. Not only that, but when I tried to watch a Swedish movie, I understood almost nothing.

Something was seriously the matter.

How could I have finished all these courses with flying colors and still be such a dope when it came to speaking, reading, and understand REAL Swedish?

That’s when I realized that I needed to develop my own system if I was ever gonna REALLY learn Swedish!

Wanna Test Drive “Lucky 13″ before you commit? Sign up here …

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Instant Download – Even at 2 am

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…so choose wisely

It took me a long time to crack the code, but when I finally did, it seemed SO obvious. As soon as I figured out the system, I applied it to myself and literally within a week I was holding conversations with native Swedes in Swedish! Obviously, my Swedish wasn’t pretty in the beginning, but I at least I was talking!

And these weren’t just “Hello, how are you doing?” conversations. These were REAL conversations about my day and my thoughts on politics, music, religion, etc!

People were amazed and wanted to know how I did it. So I showed a few of my friends who were struggling with Scandinavian languages, and guess what? It worked like a charm. Suddenly I was getting emails all the time from my online “penpal” communities. People wanted me to teach them the system.

Well, I really wanted to help everyone, but being only one guy, I didn’t have enough hours in the day to do that manually, SO I decided to develop a program that I could distribute online to as many who wanted to learn.

This however turned out to be very difficult.

I needed to use many different mediums to get the job done. Not only that but I needed to start my own website and I had never done that before…at least not on any professional level.

Long story short, people loved the program. I got letters everyday from my fans who told me how I changed their lives…BUT the website was failing. The way I had set up the website was taking way too much time to keep up. I was constantly falling behind and losing money. I was selling quite a few memberships, but never really able to make ends meet.

I thought my all my dreams of helping people learn Swedish were about to get flushed down the toilet!

That’s when I decided to start a new website and do it the right way.

The membership site just wasn’t working, and I was getting many requests from people who wanted to download the entire program all at once. On the other end, many people felt that the material was overwhelming and very difficult to keep up with week by week.

So here it is!

13 weeks or the most beneficial and intense Swedish lessons you will ever encounter anywhere else!

You will learn how to turn on your “Swedish Brain” and think like a Swede.

If you follow the program religiously and do everything that I suggest, I promise that you will have very little holding very nice conversations with native Swedes about almost any normal subject.

Just look what people are saying about “Speak Swedish Stupid”!

“After being in Sweden for not even 2 months, I barely need to use English at all…


I’ve been in Sweden as an exchange student for almost 2 months now, and I can tell you: I would’ve been completely lost without Speak Swedish Stupid.

You see, I started studying around  6 months ago (or something like  that) in some websites on the internet (which I shall not name here), or at least I thought I had. When, a couple of months later, a friend of mine asked me to say something in Swedish, I realized that all I could say was “God morgon” and “hur mår du?” (with a wrong pronunciation).

That’s when I asked help to youtube. And there it was, this simple guy making a complicated subject sound and look so simple. Not full of great rules, strict exercises and hours of hard study for little learning. I immediately subscribed to the course, and damn, that was impressive! I didn’t really do the “homework” as I should, but I used to make it in my head, to make fun and have fun.

Learning a new language shouldn’t be boring – NEVER! You may think that reading and practicing the same patterns and sentences is fun, but hoy! Not for long. Learning a language comes in four ways: speaking it, listening to it, writing it and reading it. From better to worse, in that order.

Ordinary websites and classes will lead to an ordinary learning, meaning you will learn to read, maybe to write too (although it will be a little hard). What Paul does in this course is not teach you to become a swedish writer or politician. He teaches you to communicate, to speak, to listen, to talk. When I got to Sweden I could actually have a conversation in Swedish; and even if I made a mistake, I’d still be understood.

I developed quite fast talking to people, listening to them chat with each other, just as I had learned in the DVDs and mp3s. After being in Sweden for not even 2 months, I barely need to use English at all (and again, I didn’t even used      to do my homework!), to the Swedes’ surprise.

So, here’s the deal: if you want to work your a** off to learn how to greet swedes   and say your name, Google is all yours. But if you want to speak swedish, give the trial a chance. These classes were not created to be profitable. They are here to help you so you can experience this amazing culture and life that they have here. And I can tell you: that is priceless.

Now, do you want to learn Swedish the hard way or do you want to Speak Swedish Stupid?”

Thanks for everything!

Ha det så bra,


“…in a very real way it teaches you the speaking language needed for you to plug in your thoughts and express yourself”


I would like to say that the “Lucky 13″ system by Professor Paul to be the best “learn Swedish” language course for becoming more comfortable with actually talking in Swedish. It is not the standard text book way of learning but in a very real way it teaches you the speaking language needed for you to plug in your thoughts and express yourself.

I just became interested in learning Swedish this year (2011) and all the books and websites I have experienced have not really allowed me to start thinking or speaking in a Swedish way nor offered real life phrases that native Swedes use in daily conversation.

What has impressed me the most is the practical language patters that Professor Paul introduces in his very first lesson that lays a solid foundation for all the lessons to follow. I know that I shall have to put in the time and work in learning new Swedish vocabulary words that I do not yet know, but that pain must be endured for any language.

The exciting part is to be able to use them with the patterns that Professor Paul offers in his course. I feel a bit awkward right now starting out, but before I began to study with Professor Paul I never really thought or spoke Swedish at all, but rather just read grammar rules and vocabulary words in various books with no way to exercise or apply them.

I would encourage anyone who would truly like to think and speak in Swedish to give this course a trial and see for yourself. I have signed up for the entire course and received a great deal of value from it.

Jonas Barnes (Florida)


Order Today And I Will Even Throw In 3 Bonus E-Books Absolutely FREE!!!



  • How To Learn 1000’s Of Swedish Words Overnight
  • A List of The Most Important and Common Swedish Nouns
  • How To Conjugate The Most Frequently Used Irregular Swedish Verbs


Wanna Test Drive “Lucky 13″ before you commit? Sign up here …

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